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Denbighshire petition

To: Mohammed Mehmet Current Chief Executive Denbighshire County Council.

Our request to you is that you put a hold on selling the Old Library building in Prestatyn, Denbighshire.

Also to set a fair price to enable Artisans Collective CIC to raise funding to buy and renovate the property and to continue our work as a community hub in the Prestatyn, Denbighshire.

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Why is this important?

You are aware that the old library in Prestatyn current home to Artisans Collective CIC is offered for sale by private treaty and initial expressions of interest are invited from occupiers and developers. We have expressed our interest subject to funding, but without a fixed price we can not raise funding.

When we took occupation exactly 3 years ago we were fully aware that it could be a short term lease and in fact everything we have done to date has been always with the possibility that we could be given 2 months’ notice at any time. This has proven to be a block on obtaining funding.

Originally we wanted to use the building as a sales outlet for local artisan products, but quickly found out that there was a need for something else in the community. We now hold community art as therapy and companionship sessions for older and younger citizens, we have developed Mens shed into a standalone entity, we chair Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community, host bereavement counselling sessions, and are Kew Gardens North Wales Community hub, plus lots more each week.

We are already working closely Healthy Prestatyn Iach who now occupy Ty Nant and we have a golden opportunity for more social prescribing and de-medicalisation activities between us.

We gave a major presentation recently to over 250 people including the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport, our work to date was much admired. We have also presented for the Welsh Audit office as an example of best practice and have given dozens of talks for the Older Peoples commissioner and Alzheimer’s society about our work here in Prestatyn, Meliden and surrounding areas.

We find it very frustrating that Artisans Collective are recognised and highly regarded locally and nationally but it seems we are not so much within our own county council. A lot of our work is based around the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and we are meeting again with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner’s team in the near future.

If the decision to sell the old library is a purely financial decision, may we point out that the Conwy and Denbighshire Public Services Board Well-being Plan (2018 – 2023) states:

“The plan focuses on 6 priority areas: 
1. The First 1,000 days of life 
2. Promoting community hubs 
3. Promoting mental well-being for all ages 
4. Promoting resilience in older people 
5. Promoting environmental resilience 
6. Raising resilient and aspirational young people”

Link to the document

We currently focus on most of the points above, for the council to effectively close us down would mean that investment by the council would have to be found in the future to facilitate the wellbeing plan in our locality.

During the Denbighshire CC Ty Nant Development Brief Consultation DCC stated:

“A joint working group will be set up to take forward discussions on community asset transfer and the potential future uses for existing buildings on the site.”

“The Brief requires the retention of existing community facilities on site or alternative provision to be made. This could include provision for the occupants of the Old Library.”

Bangor university researchers are currently working alongside us to quantify and put a value on our 3rd sector voluntary social prescribing activities and we will share the findings in due course.

How it will be delivered

We plan to e-mail this petition to Denbighshire County Council and follow it up with a physical hard copy delivery for PR purposes.

Positive focus on the week ahead


Focussing on the positive

Today amongst lots of other things we will be focusing and preparing for lots of positive voluntary things happening at Artisans Collective CIC at the Old Library Prestatyn in the next few days:

Men’s Shed Prestatyn
Coffee Pod bereavement group
Maria Grow Wild Wales evening
Aimee Renee Art page group
Junior GP’s meeting
Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community drop in and other activities
Junior Artisans
Project progress Meeting with HGC Dinbych Arfordirol ac Abergele / NWP Denbighshire Coastal and Abergele, various Denbighshire County Council departments and others.
Hopefully adding a meeting with Chris Ruane MP

We need your support

Due to the fact that Denbighshire County Council last week put the Old Library in Prestatyn on the open marketplace. We are now looking for your support in helping us continue our “not for profit” community work and support.

We have created a very simple form for you to complete. Which allows you to register the fact that you support our efforts to continue.

We are only asking for your name, email and postcode. It would be nice if you did leave a comment.

Artisans Collective promise not to use your information for anything other than proving your support of our community project. All details secured by Google recaptcha.

I support Artisans Collective
Please indicate your support of Artisans Collective in their endeavours to continue supporting and developing community groups in the centre of Prestatyn

You can find out more about Artisans Collective here.

Or email us here.

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Please show your support by sharing this on social media.

Support keeps on coming in

Support from our MP

Your support is amazing.

This week we have had lots more support and assistance coming in, including attending another meeting organised by our MP Chris Ruane in Rhyl.

The meeting for voluntary organisations was about fundraising in The Vale of Clwyd. Denbighshire County Council, The National Lottery and DVSC were all represented and spoke about their organisations.

On Thursday we will be presenting at a major conference at Theatr Clwyd. It will be good to spread the word about our work here in Prestatyn.

Made in North Wales Social Prescribing Conference

26 October 2017

Support 2025Conference Overview

One approach to challenging avoidable health inequalities is Social Prescribing. An approach that sees us using our community and social assets collaboratively to respond to the growing demand for non-clinical help that can impact positively on our health and wellbeing.

The ‘Made in North’ Social Prescribing Conference will: 

  • Provide a platform and network for Social Prescribing; launch the initial model/approach across the region; becoming a catalyst for change and mechanism for capturing and evidencing the impact
  • Demonstrate what is already actively being delivered across the region and learn from those approaches
  • Innovatively engage and provide space for attendees to be creative with our approaches and evolve these together
  • Create opportunities to collaborate across sectors, and share learning & debate
  • Use our community and social assets more effectively, complementing the clinical model and supporting GP’s
  • Deepen understanding of Social Prescribing and the regional and local approaches across North Wales.

This event will be of interest to

  • GPs – in North Wales, nationally and wider UK
  • Health professionals (physical & mental health) in North Wales, nationally and wider UK
  • Patients / and Service User Groups
  • Health Board Members
  • Local authority staff – local, national and wider UK
  • Housing association staff – in North Wales, nationally and wider UK
  • Universities (Academics and students)
  • Third sector /social enterprise / providers of social prescribing activities – in North Wales, nationally and wider UK
  • Public Service Board Across North Wales
  • Private Sector organisations with an interest in social responsibility (including emerging BCorps)