Thank you everybody for their support of Artisans Collective to date. Now we would like you to record your support.

Due to the fact that Denbighshire County Council last week put the Old Library in Prestatyn on the open marketplace. We are now looking for your support in helping us continue our “not for profit” community work and support.

A little bit of background.

Currently the way that DCC are marketing the old library seems to make it impossible for us to apply for funding to buy and renovate the building.  As we have  always wanted to do and informed DCC this over a year ago. Also again within the last 6 months when they showed the building to a developer, but told us it was still not on the market at that time.

We do not know what the next step in Artisans future is. But we realise that whatever we do we need to be sure that we have public support. Everything we did in the past is due to public demand. We wish that to continue.

Our ability to raise funding, has always been restricted by the fact that we have a contract that can be terminated by 2 months notice by the council.

Imagine what we could do without those restrictions!

It is fantastic the amount of people coming in every day and supporting us.

We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who are ready and willing to campaign to retain the community hub.

Citizens are suggesting lots of things like marches and petitions which is great.  However in the first instance we want to gauge the level of support we have locally and even nationally.

The local press are very keen to follow this development, it would be great for us have some decent comments from our participants and supporters.

It is important to us that not only are our own children’s and adult art and craft groups are continued. But other community projects that we are engaged with are also retained Prestatyn Men’s Shed, and Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community, for instance. Plus lots of the social prescribing and other ideas we are working upon like the coffee pod bereavement group we host each Wednesday.

Just some Idea’s or possibilities so far that would need supporting, we welcome your idea’s also.

  • Raise the money to buy the building, although currently the way it is being marketed may restrict this.
  • Look for other properties to rent within the town centre – the more supporters we have, could help us find a landlord.
  • We find an organisation willing to buy and renovate the building and allow our use for the community alongside other activities.

We have created a very simple form for you to complete. Which allows you to register the fact that you support our efforts to continue.

We are only asking for your name, email and postcode. It would be nice if you did leave a comment.

Artisans Collective promise not to use your information for anything other than proving your support of our community project. All details secured by Google recaptcha.

I support Artisans Collective
Please indicate your support of Artisans Collective in their endeavours to continue supporting and developing community groups in the centre of Prestatyn

You can find out more about Artisans Collective here.

Or email us here.

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Please show your support by sharing this on social media.
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