Project Morfa Gateway an introduction

A huge thanks to Greggs foundation for being the first major supporter of our latest community project.

The Greggs Foundation is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and is closely associated with Greggs plc.

The Greggs Foundation is a grant making charity which improves the quality of life in local communities, distributing around £2.8 million per year to charitable organisations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Our project dirt link is here and we will be using the  Hashtag  #GreenerwithGreggs throughout the project.

We have a live weather station reporting from the site to enable volunteers to  observe the current weather conditions.

Zoom in on the map below for the exact location of the site.

day one of project Morfa gateway
Steve and Reb from Artisans Collective, Dave from NWP and Adrian from Denbighshire Countryside services surveying the site at the very start of the project

Artisans Collective provide a community hub and have a network of volunteers. Working closely with our town and county councils, local police and health board we provide regular weekly and also one off events for the community.

Currently we facilitate, Men’s Shed Prestatyn, Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community, Coffee Pod bereavement group, weekly art and craft groups and lots more.

We reach all ages and social backgrounds and are the North Wales community hub of Kew Gardens Via their Grow Wild outreach project. We participate in Wales in Bloom, and all of the local events and festivals.

We are transforming a site that was once a waste disposal site and was covered by Japanese Knotweed and attracts anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping into a wildflower meadow/recreation area.

We wish to engage with all age groups particularly young people who are not working and may not be involved in other activities.

As well as clearing the site we intend to make bird, bat, butterfly boxes, litter pick, and the installation of a dog waste bin etc. This would be an intergenerational activity and hopefully pass skills down.

Everything will be documented via a photography and video project.

Morfa Gateway project will transform the entrance to the area and the approach to the allotments.

Our project has been offered support by a number of other organisations who all would bring volunteers and expertise including, North Wales Police, Countryside Services (Denbighshire County Council) Tape Music and Film, and Prestatyn Men’s Shed

Healthy Prestatyn Iach a newly opened and new style of health centre are very keen to also be involved, as it would be of benefit to patients to get outdoors and become more involved/active as a potential therapeutic activity.

Maria Grow Wild Wales and Grow Wild Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have had such a massive impact on our organisation in the past Two years, we only feel it is only correct to continue to develop similar environmental projects to benefit our community, and natural surroundings.

More about the surrounding area can be found here

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