An Important change of mission. A statement from Artisans Collective CIC of Prestatyn.

Since we moved into the Old Library Building in Prestatyn in October 2014 things have changed and are evolving. We have learned and responded as we progressed. Ultimately arriving to where we are today 3rd February 2017. We feel it is very important to offer an update at this stage.

The main reason we are constantly changing is that we engage with so many people.  From the citizen in the street to CEO’s of major organisations. We deal with them all with respect at a personal level.


The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act came into force on 6 April 2016. It is the new law for improving the well-being of people who need care and support, and carers who need support.

The Act changes the way people’s needs are assessed and the way services are delivered- people will have more of a say in the care and support they receive.

It also promotes a range of help available within the community to reduce the need for formal, planned support.

  • Services will be available to provide the right support at the right time
  • More information and advice will be available
  • Assessment will be simpler and proportionate
  • Carers will have an equal right to be assessed for support
  • There will be stronger powers to keep people safe from abuse and neglect.

In our area we have weekly signposting events called Talking points set up by staff in Community Support Services of Denbighshire County Council. Quite a number of people are now being signposted to service providers such as ourselves for the actual activities by the other 3rd sector and/or voluntary services at the talking point sessions.

Spin-off groups that we facilitate

important updateWe have facilitated Prestatyn Mens Shed for 2 years and have helped them to also move into their own workshop facility. Whilst still holding the weekly “social” sessions in the safer environment of the old library for the less mobile or indeed less practical members of which there are now about 60.


Prestatyn Dementia Community

Such a big part of our organisation now and something that has become away of our everyday life. We aim not just raise awareness but to make our organisation fully inclusive for everybody including those living with Dementia locally.


Important message fro PeteWe have had the honour of speaking along with our friends at Healthy Prestatyn Iach for Wales Audit Office good practice team in Cardiff recently. Presenting “Public services working in partnership for better health and wellbeing under the principles of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the Social Services and Wellbeing Act”. Quite a mouthful ! We are also regular key note speakers for The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales at events in North Wales and receive lots of great motivating feedback.

We have evolved into an organisation that can react to a recognised social need and “go for it” in a very fast proactive way compared with conventional institutions with various levels of command and control. At a recent meeting the Auditor General Huw Vaughan Thomas told us: “We live our lives and learn by taking risks. We must do the same thing professionally.” That inspires us here.

The good thing is that we can organise most things quickly because of the lack of bureaucracy and red tape within our CIC. Things are risked assessed and analysed as required, but that is part of everyday life here. This enables our partnerships to develop and fast track project idea’s to trial status very quickly.

Regular Activities

It is important to mention that our important regular activities including our original adult and juniors art and craft groups are still running almost to capacity each week. In fact so are Mens shed, Stop Smoking Wales, and the fibromyalgia support group.

During any building/restructuring work that will be carried out. We have pledged to keep these groups active each week.


We are privileged to have worked (and continue to do so) with so many people such as our MP and AM, Ministers, Commissioners, Cabinet office, CEO’s and directors of major national organisations, 3rd sector and charities, County and Prestatyn Town Council’s and some councillors.

The number of organisations we work with is so huge we could not list them all. But a special mention for supporting organisations such as DVSC who Promote, Support, and Develop Volunteers, Voluntary Organisations and the Third Sector in Denbighshire and North Wales.

Also naturally our great friends at Kew Gardens via Grow Wild who have been so supportive, inspirational, and community minded. Of course Healthy Prestatyn Iach who are increasingly becoming an important part of our community hub.

Your Support is so important to us

We will be looking for support from everybody we are involved with on a local and national basis very soon. As we progress and evolve into the next development of our Community Interest Company. Developing our place into what the needs of our community is organically designing.

Our building is being placed on the market. We would love to acquire the building and redesign it to become a community created, community run, community hub, to help the health and wellbeing of all of our community physically located alongside the brand new radical health centre, with lots of social prescribing and demedicalisation opportunities.

Facilitated by a mixture of volunteers and salaried health and wellbeing professionals this will be a unique facility in Wales with a huge amount of community input.

Please contact us for any further information Send us an e-mail here
P.S. any letters of support will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Published by Peter Harrison

Volunteer Director at Artisans Collective CIC in Prestatyn. Chair of Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community. Honorary President of Prestatyn Mens’s  Shed.
Time Served Engineer & Multi championship winning ex racing driver who loves all things

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