Big Breakfast Prestatyn

We are having a big breakfast this November to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cymru.

The leading prostate health charity in Wales supporting Welsh men with prostate issues such as benign prostate disease and prostate cancer. We are holding this Big Breakfast event to raise awareness and raise funds.

Whether you are a cereal lover or enjoy a full cooked breakfast, the Big Breakfast is a fun, social event on 21st November at The William Morgan, 29-33 High Street, Prestatyn.

There are many ways to get involved and raise money for this great cause.

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About Prostate Cymru…

Hello, It’s Great To Meet You…

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Thank you for visiting us here at Prostate Cymru. We are mainly a voluntary group dedicated to fighting Prostate Cancer, Procuring equipment and raising awareness here in the Welsh Principality. Annually throughout the UK men’s prostate cancer claims 11,000 lives, with up to 32,000 new cases diagnosed. They are rare in men under 50, but the condition becomes more pronounced and common with age. Help us fight this deadly disease, help us make difference.

Founded in 2003, with your help, we have grown from strength to strength over the last decade. Holding events, fund raisers, procuring services and equipment, raising awareness and lobbying for improvements in men’s prostate health care. From a small founding team with a strong passion, Prostate Cymru is growing daily into the Fast moving, driven and effective charity it is today.

We are currently based in Cardiff and surrounding areas (operating mainly across the South East & South West regions) but are organically reaching out and growing into all areas of Wales. Our goal is to improve Welsh Prostate Health all across the country. Improving equipment, training staff and raising the nations understanding of Prostate disease.

You can help us achieve further objectives by joining in a fund raising event, organising your own event or even simply by making a donation. The rest of this website is dedicated to supporting and informing you on many aspects of Prostate health. If you require any further information or wish to support in any way, please feel free to contact us >