We are a Finalist in the Voluntary Arts EPIC awards 2018 alongside one of our community art group’s  Aimee’s Friday art. Now that is EPIC News.

Epic AwaardsThe Epic Awards were set up in 2010 by Voluntary Arts. An organisation that works across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Promoting participation in creative cultural activities.

The Epic Awards celebrate the achievement of voluntary arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland. By recognising the skill. innovation and hard work that goes into their activities.

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Voluntary Arts works with local creative cultural groups, voluntary sector organisations, arts councils and local and national government.  To help increase opportunities for creative participation – and support those who have already discovered the benefits of taking part.

The voluntary cultural sector is huge. Incorporating drama groups, choirs, knitting circles, orchestras, dance troupes, painters, photographers, community arts and much, much more.

Over 60,000 voluntary arts groups operate across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Their contribution to lives in their local community cannot be underestimated.

The Epic Awards are here to shine a spotlight on their work, and to inspire others to get involved.

Voluntary Arts believes in the power of creative participation. to transform the lives of individuals. build communities and have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of all people.

This is the core of everything Artisans Collective do within our voluntary organisation. At all ages and levels of ability and as importantly in many different creative ways.

Some of our weekly activities include,  junior arts and craft sessions, Mens Shed, Bereavement sessions. Dementia Support Groups, and an Adult art group (more later). Our latest project Morfa Gateway takes us off site for the first time. 

We have been operating for Five years always working within our community and listening to what they wanted and forming our offerings around that.

We did not fully understand the implications of what we were doing for citizens health and wellbeing until Two years ago.

Then we started working with our new neighbours Healthy Prestatyn Iach  where Person-centredness is at the heart of their philosophy.

They also have a flexible approach, ensuring that their help and advice is built around what really matters to the citizen.  This is part of where we fit in.

Healthy Prestatyn have actively structured services to ensure that they can offer lifestyle and social interventions instead of tablets and ‘medical interventions’ where they better meet the citizens preferences.

We did not realise it at the time but we were at the start of a social prescribing revolution in our location and oh boy what a difference creativity has made to lots of our community.

From Minor to Grand Scale creations and everything between they are all Epic

Epic childrens art
Jayne’s Saturday morning Junior Artisans group has been running for over 3 years in Prestatyn. The children and their families have become great friends and supporters of Artisans Collective and all of our activities

We are very pleased that a number of our projects over the years have become less dependant upon the founders of Artisans Collective for their existence.

Epic transformation
Prestatyn Mens Shed Then and now – another form of artisans creativity.

A great example is Prestatyn Mens Shed who now also have their own premises that they are renovating. Whilst still holding their weekly social events at Artisans Collective.

Epic planters
It is very satisfying that shed members have also engaged with intergenerational creative activities. Such as planter making in conjunction with our town council’s spring half term activities program

As the parent organisation of a number of groups. it was so satisfying to see The Friday Art Group also selected to go through to the people’s choice voting.

About Aimee’s Friday Art Group

What better way than let Aimee the volunteer who runs the group tell you what it is all about? 

“From 16th January 2015 i started a community art group based at Artisans Collective,The old Library Heritage centre in Prestatyn.

Back then it was just a simple short term venture but today it has grown into an amazing inclusive hub of Creativity, friendship and an Integral part of Prestatyn’s Community Wellness.

We are now looking for sponsorship to enable us to put on extra sessions to continue being a part of Social prescribing program. Social Prescribing helps reduce social isolation, depression/anxiety, and helps improve peoples overall Health and Wellbeing.


The aim of this art group is to bring people together, share ideas, techniques, socialise, make art/crafts and have fun. I truly believe that art makes a significant contribution to improving lives, health and well being.Many people’s lives are enhanced by the arts.

The arts are enjoyed and valued as part of our personal wellbeing and development, and as part of community life. Through the arts we can express and fulfil ourselves, and engage with other people in ways that other forms of communication do not offer.

Where and When

The Art  group will begin at 10:00 and run for 2 hours every Friday in the Artisans Collective, Prestatyn. Tea and coffee will be supplied. Toilets are situated upstairs (Disabled toilets are located off site opposite Ty Nant council building). Any age/ability welcome.

Fee £3 per 2 hour session which includes tea or coffee.

What we do during Art Group sessions

Over the 3 years that the group has been running we have covered many topics and created many beautiful and interesting pieces including 2 calendars and outdoor artwork for Voluntary Arts week and Prestatyn Flower show. 

  • Sessions topics Imaginative, landscape, seascape, portrait, still life, working from photographs (preferably your own).
  • Experimenting with different techniques, paints, fabrics, modroc, glass, pastels, marbling, mixed media and more.
  • Sharing skills/techniques etc
  • Show & tell (help with idea building)
  • Art  idea sessions. this is to highlight anything that the group may want to try.
  • Gallery visits and outdoor painting
  • Look at local Artists and invite them to the group for a session and to show us their work/craft
  • If you have your own project  and want to do that you are more than welcome to
Epic busy art days in Prestatyn
Another busy Friday art session at Artisans Collective, Prestatyn

All sessions that i set themes/projects to are only ever a suggestion,if  you are working on a piece and want to continue that please feel free to do so.

The group has a wide range of artists from absolute beginners to more experienced, we help and guide each other and only give constructive advice and criticism when asked. 

No experience needed, friendly help is always provided.”


Artisans Collective love working with other organisations within our community. Currently we have ongoing projects with:

  • Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council 
  • Groundworks North Wales
  • Cycling Projects
  • Denbighshire County Council Housing
  • North Wales Police
  • Greener with Greggs
  • Denbighshire County Council Countryside Services
  • Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community
  • Healthy Prestatyn Iach
  • Prestatyn Mens Shed

We partake in, and host a social prescribing network for North Wales including senior representatives of:

  1. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  2. Bangor University
  3. Wrexham Glyndwr University
  4. Denbighshire County Council
  5. Grŵp Cynefin
  6. Public Health Wales
  7. Office of Chris Ruane MP
  8. Conwy Council
  9. Unllais

In the near future we are about to be part of research about social prescribing. We feel that a high percentage of what we do is based around Health and Wellbeing through creativity.

In the near future we are about to be part of research about social prescribing. We feel that a high percentage of what we do is based around Health and Wellbeing through creativity.

It is fantastic being part of this and to contribute to a wider understanding of Community Creativity.

Peter Harrison one of the founders of Artisans Collective commented.

“For the past 5 years we have lived, breathed and occasionally slept whilst volunteering at Artisans Collective. 

We have had dozens of challenges to overcome as we have adapted to what our community were asking for.

I am proud everytime we get nominated for awards.  It raises the profile of all of the fantastic volunteering work going on locally.

Being an integral part of Two of the Four groups selected for the EPIC Awards people’s choice in Wales is mind-blowing.

We have worked non stop launching new projects and working hard to ensure survival and expansion our groups.

We are still in talks with a number of organisations with regards to continuing our work from suitable premises in the future.”

Would you like to know the  really amazing thing about all of this?

Artisans Collective have done all of this with very limited funding with only a 2 month rolling contract for the premises we currently work from that restricts our fundraising capability.

A vote for us would help us continue spreading the word about the importance of Creativity in the UK.

Please vote for Artisans Collective here

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