Discrimination and reasonable adjustments Under The Equality Act 2010.

Disability discrimination can occur in two ways:

Firstly, it is unlawful for a service provider, without lawful justification, to treat a person who is disabled less favourably than other people for a reason related to his or her disability. Less favourable treatment might occur if a disabled person is refused a service that others are receiving, or is provided with a service of a poorer quality than that which others are receiving.

Secondly, it is unlawful for a service provider to fail, without lawful justification, to comply with the duty to make reasonable adjustments. This duty requires service providers to make reasonable adjustments to their policies and practices and to the physical features of their premises and to provide auxiliary aids to improve the accessibility of services for disabled people

Examples of reasonable adjustments include:

  • Installing an induction loop for people who are hearing impaired
    giving the option to book tickets by email as well as by phone.
  • Providing disability awareness training for staff who have contact with the public.
  • Providing larger, well-defined signage for people with impaired vision.
  • Putting in a ramp at the entrance to a building as well as steps.

What is considered a ‘reasonable adjustment’ for a large organisation like a bank may be different to a reasonable adjustment for a small local shop.

It’s about what is practical in the service provider’s individual situation and what resources the business may have. They will not be required to make changes which are impractical or beyond their means.”

In practice for Artisans Collective CIC this means that due to the nature of our licence to operate the Old Library we can not make physical alterations to the building, such as installing accessible toilets.

However there are public accessible toilets within 40 metres of our building.

At events where we have been made aware of attendees that require special facilities we will always endeavour to provide whatever is required to enable those citizens to be included.

  • The building is accessed by ramps.
  • We have a hearing loop fitted.
  • Fire exits are wheelchair compliant.
  • Signage is clear and adapted for people living with dementia.
  • Hot water taps are fitted with anti-scald devices.
  • Our website uses accessible technology
  • All of our volunteers are either dementia champions or friends.

Failure or refusal to provide a service to a person with disabilities – which is offered to other people – is discrimination unless it can be justified.

The team at the old library are totally committed to working to benefit our community, via initiatives such as Prestatyn Mens Shed, Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community, and lots of other support groups and activities that use our facilities.

All of our team themselves are affected in different ways with issues that require adaptations of the area in which we volunteer.  If we owned the building the first adaptation would be to install an accessible toilet downstairs.

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Published by Peter Harrison

Volunteer Director at Artisans Collective CIC in Prestatyn. Chair of Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community. Honorary President of Prestatyn Mens’s  Shed.
Time Served Engineer & Multi championship winning ex racing driver who loves all things electro-mechanical.peteharrison.co.uk

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