Stop Smoking with Public Health Wales

Supporting you

Artisans Collective in co production with Public Health Wales hold Free Stop Smoking sessions in Prestatyn at the Old Library each Tuesday evening from 5pm.

To book a session please call freephone 0800 085 2219

  1. You will have access to seven sessions with the service that run for 30 minutes to  1 hour each week.stop smoking co details
  2. To increase your chances of quitting, make sure you attend all your sessions. If you attend them all you have an 85% chance of success compared to just 20% if you only attend one.
  3. Quitting smoking on your own can be hard. Attending a small group is the most effective way to stop smoking and many smokers find it beneficial to learn from other smokers’ experiences on how to quit.
  4. At the end of each session your advisor will give you a carbon monoxide breath test to see how smoking impacts your lungs. Once you quit it will also indicate how clear your lungs are from stopping smoking.

Who are Stop Smoking Wales?

  • Stop Smoking Wales is run by Public Health Wales which is a NHS organisation. Click here to find out about Public Health Wales.
  • The service provides smokers in Wales with expert support to help them quit smoking. The advisors will cover topics such as withdrawals, dealing with difficult situations and breaking the ‘habit’ of smoking.
  • Stop Smoking Wales services are available locally throughout Wales by trained advisors both face-to-face and over the telephone.
  • Stop Smoking Wales is a completely free service for smokers in Wales.

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